Family & Matrimonial

What is a Family? What does it mean to be married? A question that is not easy to decipher and yet, whilst this is still being worked out, marriages and unions continue to break down and wreak havoc into a person’s life. Our team at Dodwell & Co have gained a reputation from years of acting for parties in family and matrimonial disputes. We are known for our careful, meticulous and client-orientated results that does not translate into a worthless paper judgment, but one that ensures that though the marriage is shipwrecked, the salvage has begun, and you have re-established your life and are moving forward in the right direction. We are not just your lawyers, but your  counsel through this process so that you know that your interest is protected,  even when you may not in the best place to make the right decisions for yourself. Whatever the stakes, we are well equipped to provide you with result-oriented representation.