Our Practice

Local Context

Dodwell & Co LLC collaborates  with a network of law firms in Singapore and in Asia to provide a comprehensive suite of dispute resolution and  corporate law services. We also work with Senior Counsel in Singapore and also with Queen’s Counsel from the Commonwealth to ensure that our clientele are provided with the best legal advice and representation for contentious and non contentious matters.

SEA Context

Dodwell & Co LLC networks with several law firms from, in and around South East Asia to provide our clients with seamless legal services in South East Asia.

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  • Arbitration

    Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that avoids the rigours of litigation through a more amiable dispute resolution process. We are well versed in arbitration practice. Regardless of jurisdiction, institution or tribunal, we are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for our clients.


  • Commercial Litigation

    Dodwell & Co LLC have practitioners who are well versed in many areas of complex  commercial litigation. We pride ourselves on our robust and comprehensive representation of our clients.  We have acted for our clients in a wide variety of matters, including shareholder disputes, defamation, construction, breach of contract and negligence claims.


  • Corporate & Commercial

    Singapore is a country where deals are done virtually every minute of the working day.  It is crucial that corporations are provided with sound legal advice and meticulously prepared agreements for their commercial growth. We pride ourselves on  providing comprehensive and expedient legal solutions and also in guiding you through the rigours of various regulatory compliance and shareholder issues.


  • Corporate Litigation

    Corporate litigation requires an astute knowledge of the laws governing corporations and the practical environment in which corporations exist. Corporations need someone who has been in the corporate sector. Corporations also need a razor sharp legal mind to enable them to unpack the complexities that often come in corporate disputes. We have an experienced team to assist you in dealing with corporate matters including regulatory investigations, internal corporate hearings, and applications under the Companies Act.

  • Crime

    Dodwell & Co LLC has dedicated and experienced criminal practitioners who have had conduct of a plethora of trials and appeals involving a wide range of offences enumerated in the Penal Code.  We have also acted for clients charged with  breach of directors' duties and fraudulent trading under the Companies Act and market manipulation and insider trading under the Securities and Futures Act.  Our practitioners have also acted in cases involving money-laundering, corruption, cheating, fraud and criminal breach of trust.  We pride ourselves in leaving no stone unturned in terms of meticulous and on-point legal research and in the obtaining and show-casing of all relevant evidence to support a submission that no offence has been committed; or alternatively that a lesser offence is made out by all the available facts   We always seek to present our clients' cases with persuasiveness, courage and balance.  Our duty is to ensure a qualitative and robust defence and/or mitigation.  Our criminal practitioners have previously sat and/or presently sit on the Law Society of Singapore's Criminal Practice and Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Committees.


  • Defamation

    The law recognises a person’s right to a good name and seeks to balance the interest of freedom of speech against a person’s reputation being maligned.  In order to establish a cause of action in defamation, a plaintiff must demonstrate that a statement bearing defamatory imputations, which refer to or reflect upon his reputation, has been published to a third person by the defendant. We are lawyers who defend freedom of speech, expression and information. But we also respect your right to a good name. We are well placed to provide you with sound advice on matters of libel and slander.


  • Employment Law

    Employment law sets out to govern the relationship between the employer and the employee. The law sets out to protect both employer and employees by stating the rights that governs the employer and employee relationship. Any breach of the employment contract, failure to pay salary or wrongful termination may entitle you to a legal claim against your employer. Our firm has acted for various parties in several employment law cases and will be most pleased to be of assistance to your queries on your rights or liabilities as an employer or a employee. We can advise you in matters such as wrongful termination, sexual discrimination at work, outstanding salaries and/or wages and work permit applications.


  • Intellectual Property Litigation

     In this technological advanced age, piracy is rampant. Most may not care about downloading a song illegally, but what if you are composer/singer and your song is being downloaded for free? Intellectual property law is in place to protect your creations, where the creator is given the exclusive rights in the eye of the law. These creations include, musical works, literature, works of art, discoveries, inventions, words, phrase and design. You may enforce your legal rights when such a property is being used without your consent or without paying what is due. Our firm has conducted several intellectual property law cases and will be most pleased to be of assistance to your queries on your intellectual property rights.

  • Matrimonial

    Family & Matrimonial

    What is a Family? What does it mean to be married? A question that is not easy to decipher and yet, whilst this is still being worked out, marriages and unions continue to break down and wreak havoc into a person’s life. Our team at Dodwell & Co have gained a reputation from years of acting for parties in family and matrimonial disputes. We are known for our careful, meticulous and client-orientated results that does not translate into a worthless paper judgment, but one that ensures that though the marriage is shipwrecked, the salvage has begun, and you have re-established your life and are moving forward in the right direction. We are not just your lawyers, but your  counsel through this process so that you know that your interest is protected,  even when you may not in the best place to make the right decisions for yourself. Whatever the stakes, we are well equipped to provide you with result-oriented representation.

  • Real Estate

    Dodwell & Co LLC has a new conveyance desk to provide our clientele with the same traditional attention to detail they are used to when we handle any of their matters. We have acted for real estate companies, developers and corporate and commercial groups in various real estate matters. We have a wide range of experience to deliver precise advice on legal, compliance, and regulatory issues in mixed development, residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


  • Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

    Wills, probate and estate planning are processes of arranging the eventual disposal of your estate. We provide services including the drafting of your will or proper trust and estate planning. Estate planning is in place to cut down issues that may arise during the administration of your will. It is a highly complex field where solutions can be put in place to minimise taxes and maximise economic gain for the next generation. Our firm has accumulated much experience in estate planning and would be pleased to be of assistance to you.